Darren DePalma Farnsworth

Darren Farnsworth

Darren Farnsworth was born in the Washington DC area before his family took him to Silicon Valley - San Francisco Bay Area in the late 70’s. It was there that he was inspired by music and technology.

He went to school at Cogswell Polytechnical in Sunnyvale, California for Sound Engineering and had a dream of moving towards snow capped mountains. In 1994, he packed up his truck and a uHaul and drove out to Salt Lake City, Utah to follow his dream of opening up an analog recording studio.

In a basement of his home in Utah an analog recording studio was built and soundproofed. It was there that he captured several musicians and bands over the years, including his own music, under the label Recording Club.

In 1995, he purchased his first motorcycle. It was a Yamaha XT 350 enduro. His passion for adventure was bursting at the seams and was motivated to get a bigger motorcycle by the 1969 movie “Easy Rider”. Soon after his purchase in late 1996, he was conversing with an old friend in Mountain View, California about a possible road trip. He convinced Darren to head south of the border with him in late 1997 to see pyramids.

After his life changing five month trip, Darren returned to the Silicon Valley to work at a startup in the booming Dot-Com Era. It was there that he fell in love with the business functions such as CRM (customer relationship management), databases and web design.

He returned to the Utah area in 2002 and ended up in the automotive industry to put his new professional skills to the test. From then on, he has made some waves at several automotive dealerships as well as small businesses.