Darren DePalma Farnsworth

Darren Farnsworth

Hi there! I'm a web developer with a unique blend of experience that spans music, technology, and adventure. Growing up in the vibrant tech hub of the San Francisco Bay Area, I was captivated by the intersection of sound and innovation. This fascination led me to pursue sound engineering at Cogswell Polytechnical College, nurturing my dream of capturing musical magic.

Fueled by a yearning for snow-capped peaks, I embarked on a journey to Salt Lake City in 1994. In the intimate setting of my home studio, I built a haven for recording musicians and bands, including my own under the label "Recording Club." My creations echoed through the walls, capturing the essence of countless artistic endeavors.

But the open road beckoned. In 1995, a Yamaha XT 350 became my trusty steed, igniting a passion for exploration. Inspired by "Easy Rider," I craved more, leading me to a life-altering five-month motorcycle trip south of the border in 1997. This transformative experience not only satiated my adventurous spirit but also sparked a newfound interest in the booming world of digital business.

Returning to the Silicon Valley in the midst of the Dot-Com Era, I dove headfirst into the fascinating world of CRM, databases, and web design. This newfound passion resonated deeply, prompting me to return to Utah in 2002 and apply my skills in the automotive industry. Since then, I've made waves at dealerships and small businesses alike, leaving a trail of innovation and success in my wake.

Darren Farnsworth is more than just a resume; it's a tapestry woven from melodies, mountains, and digital threads. It's a story of passion, exploration, and a constant pursuit of new horizons. So, let's connect and see where the next adventure takes us!

Musical Career

Three decades of sonic exploration: Darren's musical journey, spanning over 30 years, is a testament to his dedication to the craft and his diverse musical spirit. From the analog warmth of JEBU's five-album odyssey in the late 90s to the raw honesty of Honest Soul's relationship-chronicling LP, Darren has consistently pushed boundaries and explored new sonic territories.

Sharing the stage with legends: Opening for icons like Black Uhuru, Michael Franti (Spearhead), Charles Bradley, and Jimmie Vaughan is a testament to Darren's talent and the impact of his projects. Touring alongside Tony Holiday and Jordan Matthew Young further broadened his musical horizons and solidified his reputation as a collaborative force.

Continual evolution and new ventures: Always seeking new frontiers, Darren embarked on the ambitious Crook & The Bluff project in 2016. This band not only toured extensively, including European adventures, but also culminated in the critically acclaimed album MONOLITHS (2021).

His latest project, The/Theys, continues his creative evolution, pushing into new sonic landscapes and collaborations.

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