Social Marketing

Content Syndication. Social Media Advertising.

Social Media 101+

In today's fast-moving digital world, everything is ever-changing, especially Social Media Marketing. It is important that you have everything optimized and complete starting with your website.

Is your site ready for social?
Social media marketing will enhance your website using Open Graph Meta Tags. These tags will then display your preferred title, description, and images on social media sites.
Automatic Social Posts
Save time and streamline your social media posts with marketing automation. Push content on your website using triggers, such as new events, specials, lowered prices, or new products. These posts will simply link back to your website.
Advertise on Social Media
In any type of marketing, the message is key. Tracking the performance of your social media advertisements is also critical. To be a master, A/B testing is just as important to measure message and audience.