Bay Area to San Diego

A Motorcycle Trip in 2008

Bay Area to San Diego

The bulk of this motorcycle adventure took place in California but Darren had to start and return to Salt Lake City, In total, this adventure was approximately 2,750 miles.

Updated on October 3, 2018

The actual start of this trip was from Salt Lake City. Darren did a one day 750 ride out to the SF Bay Area to meet his long time friend, Ed. The next day, they were on their way to Hollywood from Los Altos but had some mechanical issues with Ed's rental. They were forced to stay the night off of Highway 101 in a town called Atascadero.

From there, they took off to Los Angeles and spent a couple days at the world famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and Venice Beach. From Venice, they made there way down Highway 1 all the way down to Carlsbad/ San Diego.

After San Diego, Darren road back to the Bay with Ed, then made his way back to Utah.