About Cavedoll

Eclectic-Indie-Pop-Glam-Prog band comprised of Camden Chamberlain, Zak Mason, Brian Kubarycz, Eric Stoye, Vanessa Angulo, Josh Emery, & Nate Simpson. Songwriter/Producer/Curator Camden Chamberlain’s hyper-creative musical collective also frequently features Van Christensen, Greg Nielsen, Mike Sasich, Jamison Wilkins, Terence Hansen, and Anthony Phan, along with distinguished collaborators such as the legendary siren Ruby Friedman, Grammy-nominated producer/drummer Alex Elena, renowned TV/film/West-End-Musical composer Tim Phillips, Rich DeCicco of The Ladies Of Sport, Gentry Densley of Iceburn, Maya Coppola, Dustin Swan, Jake Emery, Ahmond, Josh Wells, Calhoon Popadopolis, Pat Maine, and so many more. At the core are Camden Chamberlain and Vanessa Angulo who once shared a home, cars, dishes, and a marriage... They now share children, music, and a close friendship. Based in Salt Lake City and Saint George, Utah as of 2019, the project eschews genres yet never loses complete sight of certain pop-sensibilities. One can typically expect, on average, two or three full-length releases per year. So be sure to check in with this prolific and unique project regularly! Your ears will thank you.