Funk Rock Reggae

  • Genre: Funk Rock Reggae
  • Involvement: 1998 to 2006
About JEBU

JEBU was originally started off in Ogden, Utah as "Inside Green" and often played downtown on 25th Street at bars such as Beatniks, who was at the time managed by local legend Bad Brad Wheeler of KRCL. They played with local bands like Tanglewood, Fry Sauce and have played a couple shows with Black Uhuru. If you are a Utah local, you may have caught them at independent festivals around Utah from Park City, Heber to Goblin Valley. Their strengths were making music in the studio. Darren and Jed Keipp were the constant of the band, and have together produced over 5 albums worth of music. Unfortunately, only two of their albums are available online.